IBM® Maximo®

Enterprise Asset Management

IBM® Maximo® software is the #1 Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) technology solution on the market today. This integrated productivity tool and database helps you achieve maximum efficiency by managing asset types on a single software platform and automating all aspects of maintenance operations, including equipment history, scheduling, preventive maintenance, work orders, labor and expense tracking, procurement, and reporting.

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IBM Maximo for:

Improve transportation assets productivity through better enterprise asset management.

IBM® Maximo® for Transportation provides enterprise asset management best practices to improve the productivity of all types of transportation assets. Assets include: fleets of cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, rail vehicles, aircraft, vessels and related linear assets. The software helps to: meet regulatory requirements, extend asset life, optimize parts management, reduce road calls and increase planned maintenance.

Use IBM® Maximo® for Transportation to

  • Supports transportation requirements such as recall and upgrade campaigns, warranty cost recovery, industry or customer specific service codes, importing fuel and meter data, labor certification, maintenance alerts, meter history and depot fuel tank management.
  • Offers asset management solutions for fleet, facilities, production and IT assets on a single platform and database using a Maximo extension.
  • Supports compliance with government regulatory requirements and helps meet service level agreements.

IBM® Maximo® for Nuclear Power manages the lifecycle of assets of nuclear plants and fleets by streamlining and automating key asset management processes. It provides a single platform for managing all asset types. It also supports industry-specific requirements by modeling nuclear objects and business processes – including tech specs, clearances, permits, surveillance testing and corrective actions.

Use Maximo® for Nuclear Power to:

  • Manage all stages of the asset life cycle including purchasing, acquisition, inventory control, configuration, work management, preventive maintenance and corrective action.
  • Provide dedicated applications to support the management of tech specs, surveillance requirements, calibration and procurement engineering.
  • Develop standardized job plans, impact plans, permits and clearances for critical and recurring work activities.
  • Create advanced scheduling and sequencing capabilities for the management of preventive maintenance programs.

This solution also:

  • Supports processes for new plant construction and decommissioning.
  • Helps to promote nuclear safety through the use of impact plans, permits, clearances and corrective action programs.
  • Provides a simple user interface to facilitate rapid execution of work management tasks by personnel in the field.
  • Supports best-practice business processes defined in the Standard Nuclear Performance Model by providing ready-to-use and configurable workflow content.
  • Provides industry-specific decision support by providing ready-to-use and configurable report content that is based on nuclear KPIs.

Maximo® for Oil and Gas helps manage production equipment, facilities, transportation and IT assets on a single, integrated platform. It helps organizations improve safety, reliability and compliance performance. It does this while reducing costs through standardization, convergence, collaboration and the adoption of better operational practices.

Use IBM® Maximo® for Oil and Gas to:

  • Understand best practices to help improve the productivity and efficiency of critical assets.
  • Manage each asset’s life cycle including acquisition, work management, inventory control, purchasing and preventive maintenance.
  • Specifically address the specialized industry concerns such as failure codes, asset specifications, location details, prioritization matrix, regulatory compliance and condition for work.
  • Help reduce cost and facilitate and automate common processes.
  • Easily integrate into most existing business systems, because it is built on J2EE component-based Internet architecture.

It also helps managers:

  • Improve asset analysis.
  • Facilitate compliance efforts.
  • Plan shutdowns.
  • Instill integrity management.
  • Reduce manual intervention.
  • Respond to complex supply chain demands.
  • Align roles and responsibilities.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement.
  • Standardize and sharing data.
  • Improve organizational learning.
  • Address health, safety and environment needs.

IBM® Maximo® for Government addresses requirements unique to federal government contracting and personal property management.

Provides a “government-driven” view of assets and helps address regulatory requirements unique to federal government contracting and personal property management.

  • Create a holistic view of current property ownership, stewardship, location and status, enabling visibility into the entire asset lifecycle
  • Facilitate higher asset performance and mission readiness
  • Better manage risk and compliance with government, environmental and safety regulations
  • Drive accountability and governance through increased visibility and control of assets
  • Enable system consolidation and a “government-driven” view from a single platform
  • Based on leading standards-based technology: web-architected platform built on J2EE with advanced business process management, based on SOA, web services and XML

IBM® Maximo® for Life Sciences is a system to monitor, track and manage tools, equipment, facilities, mobile and IT assets on a single platform. It is FDA compliant in support of 21CFR part 11 guidelines.

Maximo® for Life Sciences consolidates solutions under one umbrella: asset and service management, calibration, mobile calibration and CAPA support. It also integrates with RFID, SCADA systems and LIMS.

The system features:

  • Full calibration and mobile calibration functionalities.
  • Support (asset-related) CAPA processes.
  • Compliance Assistance Documentation in validation projects.
  • Many types of assets, including all assets containing IP-addresses (such as SCADA and PLC).

IBM® Maximo® for Service Providers helps manage assets for multiple customers in a single deployed instance.

IBM® Maximo® for Service Providers helps lower total cost of ownership and increase profitability and customer satisfaction by managing your customer’s assets either through third-party outsourcing or internally shared services model.

  • Provide detailed and accurate billing with a review and approval cycle
  • Reduce TCO by leveraging a single deployed instance to manage multiple customers
  • Improve efficiency of service delivery with automatic notification and automatic assignments
  • Manage multiple customers with many physical locations and provide unique customer agreements and rules to define entitlement of services and pricing
  • Automatically bill your customers for recurring fees, for asset management, and asset usage
  • Based on leading standards-based technology: web-architected platform built on J2EE with advanced business process management, based on SOA, web services and XML

IBM® Maximo® for Utilities allows utilities to consolidate multiple work and asset management solutions into a single platform and database. This includes bringing together assets such as transmission, distribution, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, vehicle fleet, facilities and IT. It helps utilities increase asset and resource effectiveness by providing a platform to support all types of asset classes.

With Maximo® for Utilities you can:

  • Improve productivity with Compatible Unit Estimating (CUE) and a multilevel compatible unit library.
  • Manage crew type and crew makeup with enhanced crew management while tracking labor skills and certifications.
  • Support smart meter or revenue meter asset management lifecycle.
  • Integrated with fixed-asset accounting, mobile workforce management and design tools based on service-oriented architecture.

The solution includes Maximo® Spatial Asset Management to support map-based user interface built on the latest Esri ArcGIS Server technology. It also features integrated work and asset management functionality on a modern, standards based platform – including supply chain management, contact management and service level agreements.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Maximo® can now be delivered as a Service vs the traditional Perpetual License Model. Deploying on the cloud provides a reduced time to benefit, lower costs and built in scalability.

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  • Maximo® Licensing Options

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Maximo® Add-Ons

  • Maximo® Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE)
  • Maximo® Calibration
  • Maximo® Asset Configuration Manager
  • Maximo® Service Provider
  • Maximo® Archiving
  • Maximo® Spatial
  • Maximo® Scheduler
  • Maximo® Linear
  • Maximo® Anywhere

Maximo® Integration Modules

  • Maximo® Enterprise Adapter for SAP enables rapid integration of Maximo® Asset Management with SAP R/3-R/4 or my SAP ERP apps.
  • Maximo® Enterprise Adapter for Oracle Applications

Free Maximo® Integration Modules on ISM Library

  • IBM® FileNet P8 & IBM Maximo Integrated Solution allows to use FileNet’s document management application to store, retrieve and version control IBM® Maximo®’s document records.
  • IBM® Maximo® for E-mail allows Maximo® record information to be emailed to a user, and updated via the edited reply. Maximo® extensions for Building Information Models provides support for importing IBM® data into Maximo® and for fully 3D display of IBM® data.
  • MxLoader Data Loader is a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet that allows to quickly and easily query and load data into IBM® Maximo®, IBM® SmartCloud® Control Desk (SCCD) and other TPAE based applications.